Below there are listed some of my projects that I have implemented. I'm still working on new ones and updating the old ones, so stay tuned.

This is an implementation of ART-1 neural network based Folksonomy. There is a sample ASP.NET MVC 3 application that presents the results of such classification system.
Simple logging tool that allows to log many kind of events in a Windows Azure .NET applications.
Simple bootstrapper for ASP.NET MVC projects
automatic route mapping for ASP.NET MVC applications
This application generates Mandelbrot and Julia sets for custom functions. If you like fractals - check this out.
This project is a successor of ARTFolksonomy. It contains also the sample implementation in CUDA C/C++ to perform parallel computations on the GPU device.
Since I prefer to write forms validation on my own, I have written a simple validation helper that allows me to perform basic operations faster.
Very simple application that takes selected C# POCO classes and maps their definitions to a single Javascript file.