Mandelbrot Julia Generator

This is a windows forms application that allows to generate Mandelbrot and Julia sets using custom functions. You can create an image that fits specified resolution, so there is no problem to obtain, for example, a nicely looking wallpaper.

What I like about this project is it's object oriented architecture. All functions inherit from a base class "Function" with a method "Evaluate()" which calculates it's value. There are also two abstract classes: "ABFunction" and "SingleFunction". "ABFunction" represents double argument function (like a + b) and "SingleFunction" represents single argument function (like sin(a)). Since all functions in the application inherit from these base classes - there are an infinite possibilities of merging them and composing any custom function one may imagine.

What can be improved in this project? First of all - inverse polish notation should be implemented in order to allow providing custom functions inline. Current UI for adding new functions is too complex for a simple user. Another thing that should be improved is the color pallette - it should be more customizable. Currently there are 6 color patterns (1 totally random). It would be nice to have a custom pattern creator to provide user defined gradients.

You can download binaries and sample wallpapers